Software Development

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Sole agency instruction fees start from 15% permanent and 10% ‘mark-up’ contract for these roles.

  • 100% 4 week rebate period on roles in this area for permanent placements.
  • All we ask for is a 5 working day window under our sole agency terms.
  • Unlike most agencies, we don’t charge any temp to perm fees on sole agency for interim placements.

We fill over 60% of Software Development permanent roles*


We fill over 80% of IT Testing interim roles*

*When roles are issued on a sole agency basis for a full 5-day period.

The creative minds behind computer software; developing applications to enrich, automate and create efficiencies for individuals and organisations and to power technological advancement (*we hope for the betterment of society).

Four decades ago mainframe computing driven by Assembler languages and 3GL’s such as Cobol, Fortran and Pascal  introduced IT to mainstream business users. These made way for more agile computing models with object based languages such as C++ coming to the fore. Presently, much commercial software is based around Sun Java or Microsoft .net frameworks. Coding languages today include C#, Java/JavaScript, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby/Rails,,, SQL, R, C++, ISO/Swift, Scala and Groovy. 

We know that Web Developers, Application Developers and Software Engineers are always very passionate about coding in their chosen discipline. We too are passionate about good IT recruitment. We are expert at short-listing for development posts and have a great awareness of languages and the very many associated tools. We also have unfettered access to online test tools to ratify proficiency levels in all the mainstream coding languages.

Roles we recruit for in this area:

  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Applications Developer
  • Designer/Developer
  • Programmer
  • Web Developer 
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Q3 2020 - Market trends:
Even is the current challenging economic climate good Software Developers available for permanent opportunities are in demand. Hence remuneration levels are holding up well. Contractor rates for Developers has softened a little, given the greater availability of candidates at this time.

Q3 2020 - Pay Rates:
Mid level Java Developer
Permanent: Low: £45k  / Median: £65k / High: £75k+
Contract: Low: £400 / Median: £500 / High: £600+

Mid level .net Developer
Permanent: Low: £42k / Median: £60k / High: £70k+
Contract: Low: £350 / Median: £450 / High: £550+

Contact us for comprehensive remuneration thoughts on your specific vacancy, where we will take into account your geographical location; size and scale of duties and complexity of skills needed.