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Experience & expertise

As one of the longest-established independent Tech/IT recruitment consultancies in the UK, we have dedicated the past 25 years to exclusively focusing on tech talent search and engagement best practices. This extensive experience has allowed us to build up expertise and refine our processes, ensuring we consistently deliver measurable results. 

The Deerfoot team is made up of highly experienced technology recruiters, with an average of 12 years of tech sector experience and 9 years at Deerfoot.

Ever mindful of our ethical and social responsibilities to all parties, we strive to be a trusted recruitment partner, delivering results across all tech departmental functional roles and technologies.

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Helping you achieve better tech hiring outcomes

Needing to hire for a strategically important tech role gives you the opportunity to welcome a valuable new team member who can enrich your existing tech team. This individual has the potential to bring in fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and valuable skills that will truly elevate your team. 

It's crucial to use this opportunity to hire the best-matched candidate.

With access to the UK's widest tech talent pools and a robust BSI-audited candidate assessment process in place, we have full confidence in our ability to facilitate exceptional matches between employers and candidates that will stand the test of time and benefit all involved. We focus on securing authentic candidates with the essential skills, experience, and, importantly, positive behavioural traits. We believe in thorough, deliberate selection processes that prioritise quality over speed. 

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Tools & knowledge

From an AI diversity & inclusion tool to ensure our vacancy adverts show no bias; to best-in-class video interviewing software to reduce interviewing time for our hiring stakeholders, we tirelessly review, assess and adopt the best candidate attraction, selection and engagement tools. These include natural search technology that delivers better target candidate short-lists than Boolean and chatbot tech to provide a user-friendly engagement platform for candidates. 

Additionally, we offer a platform for clients to review shortlisted candidates and easily schedule interviews.

Team training focuses on achieving process excellence and understanding technology across all tech roles and disciplines to enhance comprehension. We shy away from sales-based training and tactics but operate in a more considerate way that delivers better long-term outcomes for all candidates & hiring stakeholders.

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Corporate & social responsibility

We hope we have a good collective social heart as a business. We know there is always room for improvement. It’s too easy to create policies on social and environmental impact, but it’s action that counts. We need to continually reflect and consider what we do, how we do it and why we do it.

We need to be comfortable with the answers. Generating profits and achieving growth is okay, but only if on reflection services or goods provided by an organisation do not have a detrimental impact on society and moreover are respectful of the environment.

Each month we donate a sum of money for each employee to http://www.ecologi.com . This organisation plant trees & funds the world’s best climate crisis solutions. Further, Deerfoot has donated over £50,000 to charitable causes.

One long term initiative is the way we link the support of one charity to the candidate’s we represent and present to clients. Every time we send a candidate’s CV to a recruiting client, we donate £1 to the Born Free Foundation (registered charity no. 1070906). Born Free protects many species and is devoted to compassionate conservation and animal welfare.

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Diversity & Inclusion

We welcome partnerships with organisations that evidence and action a clear diversity, equality and inclusion policy and recognise the positive impact a strong diverse workforce can offer.

Improving DE&I is at the top of the corporate agenda and we are committed to supporting our clientele in this endeavour.

We utilise an AI tool to ensure our IT vacancy adverts are compliant and further are optimised to attract candidates from minority represented groups. For all IT vacancies, we aim to always present a diverse shortlist of qualified candidates.

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Appropriate IT recruitment support

We offer a mature, objective, informed IT candidate search service that fully supports in-house HR/Talent teams and IT departmental managers. Our service delivery model is built on objective and fact-based communications, keeping in mind the ever-changing landscape of recruitment best practices.

We focus on quality and present just the best-match, authentic candidates, aiming for a 2:1 (CV submission to interview ratio).

We conduct certified biometric TrustID checks on all candidates to whom you extend a job offer. Additionally, we perform in-depth vetting to uncover even the smallest "red flags" in candidate findings.

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