IT Management

Manager talking to their team

Sole agency instruction fees start from 16% permanent and 10% ‘mark-up’ contract for these roles.

  • 100% 4 week rebate period on roles in this area for permanent placements.
  • All we ask for is a 5 working day window under our sole agency terms.
  • Unlike most agencies, we don’t charge any temp to perm fees on sole agency for interim placements.

We fill 75% of IT Management permanent roles*


We fill nearly 90% of IT Management interim roles*

*When roles are issued on a sole agency basis for a full 5-day period.

Individuals with the vision to shape IT polices and deliver direction to bring true value to the business. Gravitas to lead and to motivate. Individuals to control costs and mitigate risk. The ability to make critical decisions and ultimately take responsibility. Negotiators, persuaders, custodians of an organisation’s technology capability.

Roles we recruit for in this area:

  • CIO
  • CTO
  • IT Director
  • IS Manager
  • IT Manager
  • ICT Manager
  • IT Departmental Manager
  • Head of Technology
  • Head of Infrastructure
  • Head of Development
  • Head of Support Services
  • Head of Service Delivery
  • Head of Programme & Project Management

You may need a senior individual to act in a multi-faceted role to be responsible for your entire IT function and to look after infrastructure, software development, out-sourcing, budgets and staffing. If you are running a significant facility you may have or need several dedicated departmental heads. Typically, on the applications side, these will be individuals with a deep understanding of your vertical market and associated business applications, together with a strong awareness of architectural development methods and the SDLC. On the operational / infrastructure side, departmental heads will be adept at looking after large 24/7 production environments, security, disaster recovery and data management.

Today's IT management roles require more than a holistic understanding of the technology landscape. Individuals at this level need to be able to display true business sense, commercial awareness and the ability to motivate and lead.

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