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We have been assisting IT professionals secure work assignments for over 25 years.  Our first consultants were deployed at Axa Insurance in Cardiff, back in 1997. Today we have IT consultants delivering services via Deerfoot to a number of FTSE 500 organisations across the UK. Respectful and longstanding client and candidate engagement is our strength.

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We have a great back-office accounts team and following on from helping you secure a good assignment, we understand that the most important service we can provide is to pay you efficiently. We pay on both weekly or monthly frequencies (depending on end client invoicing requirements) and pay as cleared funds within 14 days of invoice / delivery.


If you are contracting via an agency, you should carry out some due diligence to ensure the agency is stable with both a good trading history and ample cash reserves. Over the past 25 years, close to one thousand IT professionals have worked on contract / consultancy assignments with Deerfoot. We have an excellent credit rating across all rating agencies. We are a stable partner for you.

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Our aim is to bring a responsive and objective IT recruitment service that fully supports the needs of both individual IT candidates and our corporate clientele.


Although our contracts always need to reflect the reality of relationships, we hope you and your advisors will find them workable for your needs whether your concerns focus on IR35, AWR or conduct regulations. We will try to be supportive where we can on any amendment requests.


We are gentle throughout the whole contract placement life-cycle. We respect your 'position' and never use clever 'closing' techniques to get you to commit. No false deadlines for accepting a contract, no imaginary second choice candidate waiting in the wings, no lies when it comes to what our client is willing to pay. We will tell you what our margin fee is and are happy for you to verify with the end client once on site

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