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We are one of the most established independent IT recruitment consultancies in the UK. Every working day of every year since 1997 our focus has been on IT talent search & engagement best practice. 

Appropriate IT Recruitment Support

Mindful of the ever-changing landscape in recruitment best practice we provide a mature, objective and educated IT candidate search service that fully supports in-house HR/Talent teams and IT departmental managers. We consistently achieve results quickly, securing top IT talent for our clients across all IT roles & disciplines. We will always deliver our service in the manner you dictate. We never cut corners or side-step SLAs. Our aim is to foster long-term relationships founded on acting as a true business partner that you want to engage with.

Delivery ability

We have a 24-year track record of assisting organisations of all sizes and scale with their IT recruitment needs. Our year on year financial strength and excellent D&B credit rating providing further evidence of our history of consistent IT recruitment success.
See a sample list of organisations that work with us on our ‘about us’ page.

Candidate Reach

We believe we have access to 90% of all UK IT job-seekers. We spend significantly on the leading pay per view IT specific and all industry job portal CV databases, social media platforms as well as maintaining an in-house CV database build up over the past 24 years. We advertise roles across all the consistently good job portals and social media platforms and harness CV search using world leading semantic search tools and in-house developed memoRecruit software to build IT talent pools. We have a mature and proven approach to engaging with passive candidates too.

Compliance & Governance

We have been audited annually for the past 20+ years by BSI (*the world’s leading authority on business process standards). We have been awarded the BSI quality standard every year. We are also a full REC member, our industry’s trade body.

Unique fee structure

Take a look at the various functional role pages across this website to view our varying fee structure. We offer some immensely competitive fees for a short 5 business day sole agency window. Furthermore, we don’t apply any temp to perm fees on temp hires either. *To the best of our knowledge we are the only UK IT recruitment agency to offer this.

Candidate engagement

We engage gently and respectfully with IT candidates. We are careful to provide full & complete details on vacancies/organisations to enable candidates to make a considered decision on whether to apply. We don’t pressure individuals to make premature decisions. This means all candidate applications we send you will be of candidates that have a genuine and positive interest in working for you.


Internal training is centred on technology and IT function understanding. We hold knowledge workshops to collectively deepen our understanding of all legacy, current and emerging technologies and how software products and functions interact to better able to support our clients consistently. Knowledge is a core strength of our offering.


Responsibility sits heavily on our shoulders. We have a responsibility to present candidates factually and objectively to recruiting clients. Highlighting any concerns as well as showing strengths. In turn, we are careful to give true clarity on job opportunities to candidates. We know a job move can have far-reaching implications for an individual so we don't brush over any concerns a candidate may have. We never forget our responsibility.

Agency bugbears

Fed up with fast-talking, over-familiar, pushy recruiters.  That’s not us at all. We work quietly with the aim of delivering great results. We will listen respectfully to your needs, plan a search campaign and get to work. We aim to present a small selection of ‘best match’ candidates, objectively. Mindful of your workload we then wait patiently for feedback within an appropriate timeframe.

Charity commitment

Every time we send a candidate's CV to a recruiting client, we donate £1 to our nominated charity: the Born Free Foundation (registered charity no. 1070906). Born Free protects many species and is devoted to compassionate conservation and animal welfare. You can find a link to us on their corporate partnerships page under ‘who we work with’ at www.bornfree.org.uk