The job market within the DevOps sector is thriving and highly competitive. DevOps has gained significant traction in recent years as organisations seek to bridge the gap between software development and operations, enabling faster and more efficient delivery of software products and services.

Companies across various industries are embracing DevOps practices to improve collaboration, automate processes, and enhance overall efficiency. As a result, there is a strong demand for skilled professionals with expertise in DevOps methodologies, tools, and technologies. Key roles in the DevOps job market include DevOps Engineers, Release Managers, Automation Specialists, and Site Reliability Engineers. These professionals are responsible for implementing DevOps principles, establishing continuous integration and delivery pipelines, managing infrastructure and cloud platforms, and ensuring smooth and reliable software deployments. In addition to technical skills, employers also value candidates with strong communication, problem-solving, and collaboration abilities to effectively bridge the gap between development and operations teams. The DevOps job market offers excellent opportunities for professionals seeking dynamic and challenging roles in a fast-paced and rapidly evolving industry.

Providing access to the best talent pools of DevOps Engineers

We have unparalleled access to the best talent pools of highly skilled DevOps Engineers. In a rapidly advancing DevOps landscape, we can assist you in recruiting individuals with extensive experience across a wide range of cutting-edge DevOps tools and technologies.

    Version Control Systems: Git, GitHub, Bitbucket, Apache Subversion (SVN), Azure DevOps Server, Gitlab, Mercurial Bazaar, AWS CodeCommit, Perforce Helix Core, SourceForge
    Containerisation: Docker (Container, Container Images, Docker Engine), Amazon ECS (Elastic Container Service), AWS Fargate, Google Cloud Platform (Google Kubernetes Engine, Google Compute Engine, Google App Engine Flexible Environment), ,LXC (Linux Containers), Microsoft Azure, Apache Mesos, Docker-Compose
    Container Orchestration: Kubernetes, Docker Swarm Minikube, Rancher, AWS EKS, AKS, Marathon, Nomad
    DevOps Pipeline (CI/CD): Jenkins, Bamboo, GitLab CI, Travis CI, CircleCI, AWS CodePipeline

    IT Automation: Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, Maven, Ansible, Terraform, Phantom

    Collaboration: Jira, Slack, Monday, Google Workspace

    Monitoring & Visualisation: Datalog, Prometheus, Grafana, Loki, SignalFx, Appdynamics, Raygun, Splunk Cloud, Nagios, Gradle, DataDog, New Relic, Zabbix

    Testing: Selenium, Gremlin, Jenkins, SoapUI, TestComplete, Zephyr