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Data / Statistical Analyst
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Doha, Qatar
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Data Analysis
Peter Hirst
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Doha, Qatar

We are assisting our client to identify a Data Analyst to join in the headquarters based in Qatar. The focus of this role will be to compile, compute and analyse data and assist the Statistical Specialist in generating relevant information needed to achieve the study objectives initially set out for and thus enhance the process of informative decision-making

Note, due to the current Covid-19 situation our client will likely look to onboard people on a remote contract basis initially with the view to then flying out to Qatar once travel restrictions are lifted. Our client does ultimately want to hire permanent staff, so eventually these position will transition to permanent.

Key Duties and Responsibilities
• Responsible for providing analytical consulting and statistical expertise to the internal team members.
• Assist the Statistical Specialist in researching and developing ad-hoc requests of management to ensure that the bank’s senior management team has access to top quality research insights for decision making.
• Prepare high level reports for the senior management team detailing results of data analysis to ensure that the company stays abreast of constant changes.
• Perform data management, data mining and statistical analysis under the guidance of the Statistical Specialist.
• Prepare statistical tables and analysis for dissemination it to relevant departments of the bank.
• Compile statistics from source materials, such as survey sheets, test records and research literature.
• Compute and analyse data, using statistical formulas and develop equations for specific type of data under the guidance of the Statistical Specialist.
• Work in close coordination with the Statistical Specialist and conduct an extensive secondary research of credible sources to establish an informed foundation for conclusions, advice and recommended actions.
• Check source data in order to verify its completeness and accuracy..
• Work in close coordination with the Statistical Specialist and prepare statistical responses using predictive modelling to support the SME’s.
• Compile reports, charts, and graphs that describe and interpret findings of analyses.
• Provide recommendations, to the Statistical Specialist, backed by data for new initiatives and special projects being undertaken at the organizational level.
• Contribute to the identification of opportunities for contin